How to get better as a goalkeeper

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Being a goalkeeper is one of the most thankless but rewarding positions on the pitch. You need certain skills and plenty of training. Whether you’re always in goal, or just get sent in from time to time, read these five top tips on being a better goalie.

Be resilient and have fun

When your side is losing, it’s easy to feel dejected, but remember, the fault does not lie with you alone. In fact, that ball had to get past all the other players before it got to you. Be resilient, learn from your mistakes but don’t beat yourself up about letting goals in. The best way to be resilient is to remember that you play football for fun, so keep it that way. Keep your head up, enjoy the game and don’t let losses get you down.

Be strong in your decisions

The goalkeeper has to make many decisions for the team, whether they are captain or not. How and where you perform goal kicks or goal throws can completely change the direction of a game. You also need to instruct teammates on where to go so you need to be commanding and have confidence in your decisions. From your stance in goal and from the fact you are more static than other players, goalies tend to have more idea what is going on in a given match, this means you can help shout out advice, support and instructions to teammates. Again, be confident and commanding.

Own the goal area

The best goalkeepers in the world have excellent presence in the goal area. Be territorial in this space.

Learn how to prevent injuries

As a goalie, you will always get injured to some degree. Whether it’s from a dive or a collision, it’s, unfortunately, par for the course. But learning how to reduce the impact of injuries can massively improve your game. This includes ensuring you land on your side when you dive and investing in excellent shin pads and gloves from reliable football kit suppliers.

Focus on the ball

Don’t wait till the ball gets to you before you start taking note of it, focus on the ball the whole time and react to its movements and location, even when it’s far from your goal area.

Best way to learn sports online

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The internet is buzzing with lots of people turning to it for information regarding various things. Thanks to technology,today you can learn about anything and everything you want including sports. With many people resorting to the web for answers regarding various subjects, professionals have taken advantage of this demand to create platforms that help to provide knowledge and teach skills to various people on their specific need.

The easily accessible platforms today include sports coaching websites that help kids, youths and even adults to gain knowledge and skills about their various sporting interests.However most people tend to get conflicted on whether internet sports learning is a worthy course. Common questions that many often ask include, Is it really possible to learn sports online? Can the knowledge acquired online be worthwhile or will it just be a waste of time? I can tell you for sure that learning anything online cannot be a waste of time unless it is something unproductive and unacceptable like pornography.

So why don’t I just hire a coach? Well you can. But then again, these online platforms are professional centers that hire professional sports coaches to teach subscribers the various skills and subjects involved in their sporting subject. The only difference between online and physical learning is that online sports learning is taught virtually while the physical learning will involve one on one sessions with your coach and also tasks with the coach present. You need to understand that while you can’tlearn everything online, the internet can at least provide you with a platform that will help you learn all the basic skills and also help you improve on what you already know about the particular sport being taught.

One great way to learn online is by taking up recommendations of resources like books given. This books contain very essential information that you can read to enhance your style of sport. Whatever skill you may wish to improve, your assigned instructor will provide amplesuggestions and guidelines on ways to improve your performance as well as help you get better at the game.

While learning sports online you must see to it that the information given includes vocabulary, scoring and also the general rules of the sporting game you are learning about. Once you have learnt the basics of the sport online, you can now confidently hire a physical instructor to help you perfect your skill on the ground.

One of the biggest credits of learning online is your mental approach and perception about the idea. If you look around on the web, you will find hundreds of websites that are designed to help transform you into a pro as a student. The same websites can also help adults learn to coach sports online. Learn to avoid distractions during lessons or when working on tasks. Pursue your goal and need patiently so as to improve your overall knowledge and skills on the sport.

Remember that while online learning can be very beneficial, you should accompany it with a good physical trainer to help put the knowledge and skills acquired virtually into practice. Keep in mind that you need a ground trainer to help correct your movements and demonstrate to you the actual positions on the ground.

How to improve on your kind of sports greatly relies on your willingness to learn, your choice of learning center and coach, and also your ability to use the available tools to your best advantage.

Deep Tissue Issues

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Something that characterizes the modern world of fitness, sports, and chiropractic is the implementation of Active Release Technique. This is a technique that certainly does require the skill of a professional with knowledge of the body’s nervous system, but the technique itself is often used to treat all sorts of discomforts and deep tissue issues. Ordinarily, the use of A.R.T. is intended to assuage the pain or tightness in a part of the body that is being negatively impacted by any of a myriad of physical effects. The technique has become an integral part of fitness training, competitive sports, and general chiropractic treatment due to its measurable effectiveness.

Purpose of Active Release Technique

Any athlete can tell you that the body is fickle because that’s how it feels sometimes. Many groups of tissues are susceptible to all sorts of complications, but they typically wait until you’re already on a fast break with a clear opportunity to score the game-winning shot. This is about more than hamstrings. Active Release Technique treats muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, and nerve problems. This contributes to how its use has proliferated since the ‘80s when it was first patented because, of course, the applicability of this technique on the parts of so many physical trainers, chiropractors, and many others benefits a great deal of people and organizations.

The purpose of Active Release Technique is to successfully complete each of three primary objectives. Note that each of these objectives is universally applicable to their specified nervous system nodes. Firstly, Active Release Technique is intended to yield the restoration of motion for all soft tissues in the affected area to its original or superior state of free and unobstructed range of motion. Secondly, A.R.T. also releases nerves, lymphatics, and vasculature that are impacted. Finally, practitioners also use it to reinitiate ideal function, resilience, and texture for soft tissues.


You might be surprised to learn what to expect from the implementation of a technique like this if you are unfamiliar with it. It isn’t a painful process, and it’s a non-invasive alternative to any and all invasive maneuvers (surgeries) one might have with the intention of alleviating a pain, which will likely have the opposite effect. A.R.T. requires the practitioner to find the tense zones or the adhesion in a certain tissue. The object of the game at this juncture is to extend the target tissues from shortened positions to elongated ones using the hands to sustain tension along the target tissue’s fibers.

The idea is for the practitioner to oscillate between shear, tensile, and compressive forces in manual application. This is how repetitive strains are handled such that discomfort is noticeably mitigated. The same is true for using A.R.T. to treat those with constant pressure tension lesions or cumulative trauma injuries. A.R.T. therapy also involves the application of deep digital tension, which is not a euphemism for entering the Matrix. The fingers have to deeply affect the tender area. The patient in question usually has to move or rotate the injured tissue under the practitioner’s instruction. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists tend to direct patients to move these parts of the body in order to gauge the range of motion and appraise the negative effects.

Deep Tissue Work

A.R.T. practitioners are generally those who know by way of their training and education that the body’s anatomical structures are organized such that tissues are often positioned at oblique angles to each other. The overlap of these tissue areas are points at which it is likely that one would incur swelling and other damage as a result of trauma. Fibrosis and adhesions are other liklihoods for these overlapping points, and the consequences are typically those of tenderness and pain at the point of traumatic contact. Usually, the patient is instructed to physically move the tissue fibers at the point of injury from a shortened to a lengthened position. This tends to follow the application of the practitioners fingers to the tissue fibers at tender adhesion points.

Top Bowlers To Look Out For Champions Trophy 2017

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The Champions Trophy 2017 is upon us and all cricket fans are discussing or arguing over who the best bowler will be or is. They all have their favorites and they all have their favorite teams to cheer for. The discussions can get heated as each fan fights for the supremacy of their favorite player and team.

Picking the top bowlers is never easy as so many people ill end to disagree, favoring their own selections over those of any one else. It is like picking the best player in the National Basketball League. Everyone will dislike a pick listed or half agree to another any list will not solve arguments, it may create a few but we must make a list. Here is our choice for the top bowlers in the Champions Trophy 2017 though not in any particular order.

Our first nominee comes from the team fielded by Pakistan, who is always a tough competitor and a team to beat. Their hopes lie in their top player Shadab Kahn. They expect his talent to propel them to the league winners’ circle this year.

Next comes England, the country that invented the game, or so they say. They have a solid reputation to hold up and they look to Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali to carry the middle overs and the team to ultimate victory.

New Zealand clocks in as the next team to beat as they come with their stars Mitchel Santner and Jeetan Patel. Both players are very tough competitors and very talented athletes. Australia follows close behind but may not be as successful as they bring only Adam Zampa to the matches. He may not be enough to carry the team to victory over the more talent laden opponents.

India, after losing a couple of top athletes, is looking to rebound and stay competitive with their stars Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. Their talents may not be enough to carry India to victory.

Bagladesh may be a small country but it looms over the playing field with large stars. Their hopes for victory lie in the talents of 4 men– Shakib Al Hasan, Mehedi Hasan, Sabbir Rahman and Mahmudullah Riyad. Four may be enough for this competition.

Another team to watch will be Sri Lankan and their man of mystery, Lakshan Sandakan. Very little is known of him and his ability but coupled with Seekkuge Prasanna, and Kushal Mendis may make Sri Lanka the dark horse in this trophy series.

Rounding out this list is South Africa who seems to place all their eggs in one basket. With one star who stands out, Imran Tahir, it may not be enough to overcome the competitive field populating this tourney.

There you have it, our list of the top bowlers to watch for in the Champions Trophy 2017. These teams and bowlers will be putting gout their best performance and shooting to live 110% so it is easy to understand why anyone should watch out for them.