The underdog team wins two wins and enters the G4 Finals

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The underdogs have finally managed to win two consecutive wins in Serie B. After beating Paraná Clube in Vila Capanema, the Lion of Retiro Island beat Vila Nova by 2 × 0 in the debut of coach Gusmão. With the result, the red-black team enters, provisionally, in the G4 and twists against Americana, Asa, Paraná and Criciúma to remain in the group.
First Half was dominated by Sport. The red-black team has been on the field since the first minute. It was the only one that created goal chances in the initial stage. And it was not long before the Island Lion opened the scoring. At seven minutes, Willians kicked three times to send to the back of the net. Sport continued to dominate the game. He even had a well-null goal.
But in the 38th minute he managed to extend the score. After a rebound in front of the area, the ball was left for Naldinho who filled the foot and sent to the bottom of the goal, 2 × 0 for the Sport. The next minute, the third one almost comes out. Marcelinho started on counter-attack, came face-to-face with the goalkeeper. But I kicked over Michel Alves and missed a great chance. Thus ended the first time of red-black supremacy.
In the second half Vila Nova balanced the game more in the opening minutes. However, afterwards the Sport returned to be superior and almost did not extend the marker. After ten minutes on the counterattack, Marcelinho crossed over to Thiaguinho who ended up kicking over the goal. Two minutes later it was Viçosa’s turn to get Saci to cross out.
With his opponent failing to reach his goal, Sport still had the best chances. After 23 minutes Rithelly saw his shot hit the post.
Vila Nova tightened the lead. And with Sport showing a certain tiredness, the game became more balanced. The Goian Team even struck a few attacking moves, but without danger to Magrão.
Sport held on and guaranteed the result. An important victory to give confidence to the coach PC Gusmão in this first week of work.

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