The Yellow Tigers play well but lose first at home game

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The tigers suffered their first home defeat in this Series B. After dominating the first half and wasting good opportunities, the Lion paid dearly for the change in posture in the final stage and bitterly beat Portugal 3-2. 

Pushed by the fans, who ignored the rainy weather, and wrapped up in the victory against the Nautico, the Tigers presented a posture seen in a few opportunities in this Series B. With good passes and a lot of movement, rubro-negros pressured Portuguesa in his field of defense. The first good chance came just in the first minute, when Hamilton passed between two scorers and threw Paulista in the big area. The attacker had time to dominate, but kicked pressed with the opponent defender.

Despite the good performance of the São Paulo defensive system, the yellows captain was able to create good opportunities. Showing the pairing, the men in front of the Lion gave a lot of work and almost they were not rewarded by the posture. At 13 minutes, Diego Torres sent Rithelly, who in a light, left Paulista again in the face of the goal. The striker managed to clean goalkeeper Weverton, but the shirt 1 of Portuguesa recovered to make a great defense with his right foot. In addition to the competence of its markers, Lusa still had luck. At the right-hand side, Thiaguinho came on the line and crossed Gabriel’s head. The red-black defender’s header still veered into an opponent, “killing” Weverton. The ball went just wide of the bar.

In the interval, Mazola decided to bet on the replacement of Paulista by Willians, trying to give more speed and improve the last pass of his team. But the option for only one attacker was costly. The Tigers returned to the same mistakes as before: without power of penetration, possession of the ball in the midfield was unproductive and yielded dangerous counterattacks. In one of these bids, Thiaguinho toppled Edno near the red-black area. In impeccable collection, Marco Antônio defeated Magrão leaving Portuguese to advantage.

Shortly after the goal, the coach decided to meet an appeal requested by the fans before the disadvantage. Striker Bruno Mineiro entered the squad for midfielder Diego Torres in an attempt to return to the same pattern of the first half. But anxiety, a new element in the equation, disrupted the plans of the Lion, who suffered the second blow on a counterattack drawn by Edno. After the kick from the Lusa’s top scorer, Henrique had the rebound of Magrão to play free and make 2 to 0.

The match returned to become electrifying when the Yellows managed to diminish. Saci took a corner kick in the first leg, Maylson deflected and Willians completed the scoring. But the red-blacks could not follow the reaction. Worse. They saw Edno score another in a penalty shootout. In the end, Maylson’s goal served only to fuel a hope that did not materialize. 

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